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La Católica Hospital

Mission of La Católica Hospital

"We are a Costa Rican medical attention center, where we offer integral, private and general health services, contributing to the maintenance, restoration and rehabilitation of the health conditions of our national and international clients, through the contribution of highly qualified professionals and advanced technological support; in an environment of cordiality and confidence; under the principles of commitment with the community, respect, comprehension, professionalism, solidarity and honesty".


To be a leading institution in Costa Rica and Latin America in the provision of comprehensive health services, with technical capacity, supported by a team of professionals with high human values, committed to a culture of excellence in service to our customers, at competitive prices and high standards of quality. By covering the four health areas in the field of medicine: promotion, prevention, healing and rehabilitation. Backed by policies of efficiency, effectiveness and equity in the services offered and total support.

In order to provide the best service and the best quality in all procedures performed at the Hospital, our medical team in Costa Rica is leading edge technology. Some of our most recent acquisitions:

 Digital medical images that offer sharper vision with higher resolution for X-rays, mammograms and ultrasound diagnostics. Our latest generation of 64-slice CAT scans (computerized axial tomography) allows three-dimensional images to be taken of any part of the body in a few seconds, with greater definition.

• We also have a modern MRI scanner 1.5 Tesla to visualize internal organs, blood vessels, muscles, joints and tumors, among others.

• Another important addition is the Angiograph Allura Xpert FD20, the only one of its kind in the country, with sharp images and last-generation features found in the world's most advanced medical centers in Cardiology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Peripheral Vascular Medicine and Interventional Radiology.

• The Hospital hosts a Hyperbaric Oxygenation Center (an exclusive service in Costa Rica, with 4 monochamber units and another for 6 people simultaneously), where the patient breathes pure oxygen at high pressure to cure certain diseases, heal wounds and other applications.

•We also have modern laboratories, operating rooms, an integrated operating room with digital technology and a surgical microscope for highly complex surgeries where access to body areas is limited. This allows for fewer complications and a speedy recovery.

Professional Service

Highly qualified professionals provide individualized and reliable services in all areas and departments of our Hospital in Costa Rica, with the affectionate attitude that our patients deserve. Our institution has the support of a group of doctors who have specialized in various medical and surgical areas, all of which are duly accredited by doctors.

Medical Tourism

We offer health tourism, a perfect combination of health and holidays

• Costa Rica is full of natural wonders, unique in the world, an oasis of exuberant natural beauty and panoramic views. It is a peaceful land, without an army, a solid economy, developed infrastructure and a highly skilled technology workforce.

• In addition to being a wonderful vacation spot, Costa Rica has become a favorite destination for thousands of tourists from the United States, Canada and Europe, who have saved large amounts of money for surgeries that are much more expensive in their home countries. Such surgeries, medical checkups and rehabilitation procedures are currently an important statistic for a number of related services (lodging, transportation, beauty treatments, recovery and nutrition).

• Hospital Hotel La Católica introduced a new and unique concept in the country, where the hospital stay can be transformed into a pleasant experience. It offers a comfortable environment so that the patient feels a combined experience in a hotel with his stay in the hospital to receive medical attention.

• Traveling to a country like Costa Rica for an intervention or medical procedure is not only easier for your pocketbook, but it is also attractive due to the high quality of medical services available. Our hospital has been accredited by PROMED (Council for the International Promotion of Medical Services).

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