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Genital surgery is indicated for women who, for congenital reasons, have hypertrophic (very big) and/or asymmetric or sagging labia minora. Most of the time, this operation is used for aesthetic reasons. During the procedure, the surgeon removes a wedge-shaped piece of tissue and repositions the lip in a new position so that the inner lips no longer protrude beyond the outer lips. This is usually done under local anesthesia.

Fortunately, complications with these procedures are very rare. Because of the risk, though small, of postoperative bleeding, patients are advised that if they need to travel a very long distance from the hospital to their home, it is best to stay overnight as a precaution.

Genital Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have children. Can I still have a labioplasty?

Yes, whether or not you have had children is not the problem. The problem is if the labia majora increase physical discomfort or unhappiness because of their appearance.

What are the risks of this procedure?

Fortunately, complications with these procedures are very rare, and include postoperative bleeding, blood clots, and infection.

When can I get back to work?

A week's rest at home is recommended if you have intense physical work.

When could I have sex again?

In most cases, you will have to wait at least four weeks. However, it will depend on the evolution of your post-surgical period.

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