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Vithas xanit Hospital is made up of people who work to improve other people's lives. They also take care of you in your own language and put at your disposal the best team to help you.

The team of Vithas Xanit International is formed by more than 680 professionals, of which 250 are expert doctors led by their head of area of great national and international prestige.

Characteristics of Vithas Xanit Hospital

It is the first private hospital in Andalusia to be accredited as a Care Ethics Committee by the Ministry of Health of the Regional Government of Andalusia; a committee whose special missions are to assess the ethical dilemmas that may arise in the clinical-care relationship and to propose recommendations for solving them.

In 2011 they were named Best Hospital by the prestigious International Travel Insurance Journal (ITIJ), and in 2013 they were awarded for their Quality by the Ejecutivos Magazine.

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