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With the time, the area of the arms and thighs become the most exposed to the law of gravity, showing signs of aging that sometimes occur earlier than expected. Collagen and elastin fibers lose their tightening function and the skin inevitably falls off. The lifting of arms is a surgical procedure aimed at improving the shape and smoothness of the arms generally to elevate the tissue from the upper limb. This surgical procedure corrects skin flaccidity, accompanied or not by excess fat, eliminating sagging skin, sagging and excess fat.

What technique is used for an arm lift?

We perform a liposuction to facilitate the tenacity of the skin and remove the excess skin. The incision can be made only on the inside of the arm near the armpit or it may be necessary to take it to the elbow.

What do I have to do before the operation?

  • Whole blood test
  • ECG while resting

Post-operative Arm Lift

In the following days after the operation, semi-rest is recommended, limiting the movements, without subjecting the sutures to tension. Maintain a bandage to allow proper healing. The sutures will be removed in approximately two weeks.

Post-operative care

While the stitches remain, it is important to be very careful. Normal daily activities can be carried out after one week without applying excessive tension. Most aches and pains will be treated with painkillers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Arm Lifts

How do I know if I need liposuction or an arm lift?

If you have sagging skin or poor elasticity, liposuction will actually make the problem worse by removing fat from the area. An arm lift removes excess skin and tightens the upper arms to make the upper arms thinner and well-formed.

Will there be any scarring from this procedure?

If the skin on your arm hangs from your elbow to your armpit, you may need an incision that runs all the way down your arm. However, the scar will only be visible when you lift your arms. And like all scars, the redness will fade over time. On the other hand, if you have excess skin only on the upper arms, Dr. Campos can perform an arm lift with only a small, unnoticeable incision in the armpit.

Is anesthesia used for this procedure?

Yes, the procedure is performed under general anesthesia to avoid discomfort during surgery.

How is the recovery period after surgery?

During the recovery period, you will feel some temporary discomfort and pain, but with the appropriate pain relievers provided by your doctor, and if you stay home and rest, you will feel better in a few days. You should wear an appropriate bandage for at least twenty days. The stitches will be removed in about twenty days.

When could I get back to normal life?

Your arms will be sensitive and you will feel some discomfort, but normal daily activities can be carried out after a week without applying excessive stress.

Most discomfort will be treated with medication.

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