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The effects of gravity or excessive weight loss can leave you with excess sagging skin and soft tissue in the area of the outer thigh, inner thigh, buttocks, or stomach. For many people, eating well and exercising is not enough to return to the silhouette they once had. Our surgeons are here to help you defy the laws of aging and gravity. Facelift surgery has been received with popularity since its development in recent years. The whole body lift involves re-tensioning the skin and sagging tissues of the thighs and bottom and will result in a more youthful appearance.

Objective of the Whole Body Lift

A body lift is a multi-procedure approach to achieving a new body shape. Abdominoplasty, liposuction of the thighs, hips, and buttock lift can be incorporated into a body lift. The goal is to achieve a contour that removes excess fat, tissue, and sagging skin from problem areas of the body while tightening and strengthening the muscles of the abdomen and lower body.

Get the results you want

We only care about how we can help you achieve your goals. That means, we take our time to listen to you and work with you to design your desired look. Our approach is focused on providing the client with a relaxed and comfortable environment, which in turn achieves the desired results.

The Body Lift Procedure

A body lift can begin with an abdominoplasty procedure. A abdominoplasty begins with a long incision along the bikini line. The underlying muscles and tissues are joined by tightening the waist and strengthening the abdominal wall. The skin is pulled down and excess skin is removed. A new opening for the navel is cut. Some scars are logical, however, over time they will fade.

Along with an abdominoplasty, several liposuction procedures may be included in the body lift procedure. Liposuction is usually performed with the help of a suction device called a cannula, a local anesthetic, and a medication that contracts the blood vessels and is injected into the fatty areas of the body. This solution helps suppress fat cells, which makes them easier to remove, reduces blood loss, and provides anesthesia during surgery. Techniques vary depending on the patient and the amount of fat and tissue that will be removed.

Raising patient awareness

Patients should be aware that a body lift involves multiple areas of the body and that it is very important to choose the right surgeon to perform your procedure. Our surgeons have years of experience in body lifts. Setting realistic expectations for the surgery and discussing those options with your surgeon will help you achieve your result.

What will happen in the recovery period?

Depending on the surgery, your hospital stay can range from an outpatient procedure to two days. Any discomfort you may feel will be controlled with medications prescribed by your surgeon. Recovery time can also be variable, but most patients can return to work no sooner than three weeks.


Body lifts result in the removal of skin, and therefore scarring can occur in the areas where the incision is made. Scars resulting from body lifts are easily hidden in most bathing suits and under clothing. In many cases, scarring lines tend to fade over time.

Visible results of the operation

When patients are properly instructed about body lifts, they are usually very satisfied with the result. However, it will take a few months to realize the full effects of the operation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Body Lifts

Will my scar be very visible?

The scar will be just above the pubic area to the hip bones. The scar will vary depending on the size and shape of the body. Scars can easily be hidden in most underwear and bathing suits.

Can a cesarean incision be reused?


How long will I be on sick leave?

Depending on the surgery, most patients can return to work in 3 weeks.

Will I need a compression garment? How long will I need it?

Yes, some type of support or compression garment is needed. The amount of time needed will be determined by your surgeon. It is usually worn for two to six weeks.

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