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Gynecomastia in men is usually done because there has been an increase in breasts, which during puberty is quite visible. During puberty it is normal for the mammary gland to increase in size due to hormonal changes. However, in some cases, the gland continues to enlarge, which can cause psychosocial problems and limits social and sporting activities to hide this abnormality.

Gynecomastia Technique

Depending on the predominant tissue, the operation is performed with liposuction to remove the man's pectoral fat or the combination of liposuction with direct removal of the breast tissue.

Technical Information

In 90% of cases, the results after liposuction are definitive and satisfactory. The incisions are typical of liposuction, 2 to 3 incisions per mammary gland (armpit, submammary fold).

Breast tissue removal

The mammary tissue is harder than the fat, a transareola incision is made until it reaches the pectoral fascia, after this the hypertrophied gland is separated, cut and emptied.

What do I have to do before pre-operation?

  • Complete blood test.
  • Perform a mammogram.
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Operation information

  • Anesthesia: local anesthesia with sedatives.
  • Where the operation will be performed: Ambulatory surgery center.
  • Estimated time of surgery: 1 hour
  • Length of hospital stay: none

What will happen in the recovery period?

The first few days after surgery, a hematoma may be present in the treated area, but it will progressively disappear. During the first 15 - 20 days a special garment is recommended that damages the operated area. We also recommend lymphatic massages to achieve satisfactory results and help in recovery.

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