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This French technique is used to treat cellulite and improve the skin of both the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues. This non-surgical treatment is based on massaging with a two roller aspiration system which produces an anti-stress effect. The endermology allows the areas where fat normally accumulates as the famous cartridges, thighs and buttocks, parts of the body where the unsightly cellulite is present. Due to their metabolism, women tend to be more prone than men to present these anomalies in fatty tissue because their percentage with respect to the muscle is also higher.

Endermology Treatment Recommendations

This technique is specifically designed to aesthetically improve the appearance of the skin and make those rebellious areas disappear. This technique should not be used to lose weight, those who need to lose body fat should previously undergo a slimming regime. Tips for endermology treatment:

  • To help eliminate toxins, drink plenty of water, herbal tea or fruit juice. It is advisable to walk for at least one hour to eliminate more toxins.
  • It is advisable to avoid sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages until the treatment is finished.

Practice strength exercises to tone the muscle and perform massages to relax...

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