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Is General Surgery LTD hospital or clinic?

General Surgery is neither hospital nor clinic. We help you in organizing medical treatment. In meantime we have more than 10 years of experience in our work

Why it is good use General Surgery for the medical treatment?

General Surgery Ltd cooperates with the countries where the medical costs are usually about 50% less than in many countries in Europe (especially in UK) and in USA. But could be much less, e.g., the costs of hip replacement will be about 60.000 US$, and in our hospitals could be up to 4 times less You have as well opportunity to have beautiful holidays and come back relaxed and with new motivations to your country.

Are the information about the operation and complications complete?

The information give you only general description of operation and possible complications. More information you can get contacting your surgeon, and we will help you in this matter

How do you know that surgery is the right option?

The hospital doctor will make decision if the surgery is the best way of treatment after exactly studies of your medical history, after studying the recommendation of your GP and other specialists and after revising all other relevant medical information as ECG, X-rays results, laboratory results and discuss if necessary with other colleagues. However finally decision will be done after examination of the patient. In our practice always the patient which come using our service could be operated due to recommendation of the doctors in other countries

Should I pay my treatment to the General Surgery?

You always pay on the hospital account, never to the General Surgery

Will be the price of me treatment more expensive using General Surgery Ltd

The price is exactly the same, there will not any additional fee which you have to pay using our services.

Are the hospitals safe?

All the hospitals the General Surgery work with represent very high medical level: One of our hospitals - Xanit in Benalmadena has certificate obtained from American Joint Commission. In our other hospital Quiron in Marbella the most modern operations will be realized as percutaneous heart valve implants and invasive radiology. We have in this hospital a lot patients from all over the world Carolina Hospital in Warsaw is hospital for Polish Olympic Team and is as well recommended by FIFA. Hospital Catolica en San Jose is well known in USA for high medical level a friendly staff, you will like it

Help with travel

We can help in buying tickets and organize transport from airport to the hotel

Help with accommodation

We can help you with the accommodation. There are nice hotels closed to the hospital in Poland, Spain and Costa Rica

Tourist attractions

In each country where are our hospitals there is a lot of tourist attraction. We can help you to organize tours for you, if there will be no any medical contraindication. Similar we can help your family in organizing free time.

How to get to the hospital

All our center are easy to be accessed by private or public transport. Just ask us for more details

How can it be safe to travel far after a surgical procedure?

We will inform you about the estimated time you will have to stay in the hospital after the operation and about the time which will be advised to be disposable for postop treatment or rehabilitation. So after this this you could travel safe, however we will check if necessary, if there are any medical contraindication for longer flight

Which type of insurance will be accepted by the medical centers which cooperate with General Surgery Ltd?

The medical centers which cooperate with General Surgery Ltd will accept International Medical Insurance companies, private payment and sometimes Spanish companies. Call for details

May I smoke in the hospital?

All the hospitals which cooperate with Generals Surgery are free of smoke

May I use my mobile?

Mobiles can disturb work of medical equipment. Please respect medical personal.

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