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Cavitation is a technique used to eliminate localized fat thanks to the use of low frequency ultrasound which is applied to these areas to dissolve adipose cells from the inside. The accumulation of fat either in the legs, abdominals, hips, etc ... does not help to have a beautiful silhouette. In order to combat this problem the most common until recently was liposuction, which leads to being hospitalized and recovering from the operation, but with this innovative technique is not necessary.

When is it not recommended to use cavitation?

People suffering from cancer, autoimmune diseases, serious diseases, pregnant women, overweight patients who do not exercise at all.
It is recommended that people who are overweight diet while undergoing cavitation and that this way the result will be better and more stable.

Duration of cavitation

It depends on the way of life of the patient, if they are active people who do daily exercises and complement it with a balanced diet can have a long duration. Specialists recommend monthly or bimonthly maintenance.

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