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The medical check-up is a fundamental part of the medical process to see in what health situation we find ourselves. It is essential to have tests of this type in order to verify that there is no pathology or malignant element. In most cases, if the diagnosis of a problem is made with time, the cure or control will be bigger and better.

Disease Detection

On many occasions we may have some kind of disease. We do not have to realize that we have because it may not be noticed or that it is in process of growth. Tests of this type such as medical check-ups make any problem caught in time, easier and more likely to solve.

Doubts about choosing a health check-up

Many people are not sure what test to ask for when it comes to getting a medical test. At GeneralSurgery we help our clients with the choice and scheduling of the check-up.

At GeneralSurgerywe offer two very professional hospitals where you can have a medical check-up. Different types of medical examinations are offered.

Hospitals with Medical Checkups

Hospital Vithas Xanit Internacional

At Vithas Xanit Hospital they have Premium review services related to specialties such as: cardiology, radiology, urology, dermatology...

Hospital Quirón Marbella

The Quirón Hospital in Marbella has different types of check-ups such as: special, general, for companies...

Hospital Carolina

The Carolina Medical Center hospital, located in Poland, offers diagnostic and medical check-up services.


The Lux Med group has medical check-up treatments and diagnostic tests in its hospitals located in Poland.

Hospital La Católica

Services related to the specialty of pediatrics, cardiology, according to the age of the the Hospital La Católica of Costa Rica.

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