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Hip dislocations occur when your thighbone slips out of your hipbone. To relocate your thighbone, you will be given general anesthesia and, lying on your back, the surgeon will relocate your hip. Once the operation is over, a special pillow will be placed to relieve the pain.

Operation risk

As with all procedures, this carries some risks and complications.

  • Pain: After the operation you will notice that the area is sore, over the time the pain will fade. If the pain persists, call one of the doctors so that they can give you antibiotics

  • Bleeding: There will unavoidably be some bleeding.

  • Scar: The operation will leave a small scar in the area of the operation.

  • Infection: The area where they have performed the operation may become painful or red, this may be signs of infection it may be necessary to take antibiotics to cure these infections.

  • Repeat the dislocation: Once you have suffered a dislocation you can suffer it again, you may need another operation to rectify it.

  • Effect of anesthesia: The effects may be as follows: Nausea, abnormal breathing, and heartbeat. This happens very rarely.

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