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Hospital treatment and
cosmetic surgery

For many years, people have traveled from their homes to other countries to receive treatment for health problems, recover from illness, and improve their overall well-being.

General Surgery and Health Tourism

GeneralSurgery offers you the solution you need for any type of medical intervention. Our goal is that our users can go to some of the best hospitals and clinics in the world with the best prices.

From aesthetic or cosmetic surgery, to dialysis, dentistry or medical check-ups among many other services.

Tell us what type of general surgery or specialty you want and we will take care of organizing from the trip to the medical intervention.

GeneralSurgery, specialists in Medical Tourism

GeneralSurgery is a Spanish company that operates in Spain and the UK. We facilitate medical treatment in Spain, Costa Rica and Poland.

We can arrange all types of surgical and non-surgical treatments, and we can also offer a full programme of medical examinations. Our Health Tourism services are aimed at anyone.


Discover the medical specialties we offer from General Surgery. From aesthetic or cosmetic surgery to physiotherapy or medical check-ups.

All medical specialties and treatments are performed in the best hospitals in Spain, Costa Rica and Poland by the best doctors in the country.

GeneralSurgery's Objective

Our main objective is to help you find the treatment that each one of our clients needs. From GeneralSurgery we will help to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Organization of the intervention

At GeneralSurgery, we make sure that everything is ready for the medical intervention and for the whole trip. We will organise accommodation, transfers and even activities, leisure or any tourist attraction such as: playing golf or making trips or visits. Our team will be delighted to organise everything necessary so that our clients do not have anything to worry about.

At General Surgery we organise the treatment and movement of patients so that they do not worry about anything before and during their intervention.

We offer the best hospitals with the best services and medical professionals. We have hospitals in Spain, Costa Rica and Poland.

Discover the medical professionals and their specialties. From General Surgery we offer the best doctors whatever the intervention.

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