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We are going to talk about the pathologies and techniques of the treatments carried out by our expert physiotherapists on physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy is a non-pharmacological alternative that allows pain and symptoms to be treated by means of exercises. Next we will talk about the techniques to treat the pathologies used by our physiotherapy professionals.

1. Lumbar Pain

It is the most common pain in society. It is the pain in the lower back and to treat it we use therapeutic massage and electrotherapy. Our physiotherapists will use TENS, infrared light therapy and massages to reduce or eliminate pain. With several sessions your low back pain will be reduced.

2. Lumbar Muscular Overload

This pathology is also frequent and is produced by the prolonged repetition of a movement in the same muscle. The muscles are tightened and through a muscle massage in the lumbar area will relax the muscle.

3. Cervical Pain

This pathology is also very common in society. To reduce pain, we use electrotherapy: TENS, ultrasound and infrared light therapy. Then we use therapeutic massage in the area, moving the cervical vertebrae in which we lower the pain. Multiple sessions of this treatment will improve the results. Physiotherapy works very well and helps cervical recovery and pain reduction.

4. Shoulder Pain (Supra-Spinatus Tendinitis)

In this pathology we can apply Electrotherapy (to reduce pain), pulsating ultrasound, TENS and infrared therapy. Once the pain decreases with electrotherapy, we do a deep transverse massage, Ciriax: in this way we cure that tendinitis. With multiple sessions of these treatments we will improve the tendinitis.

5. Epicondylitis, Tennis Elbow, or Elbow Pain

One of the most annoying injuries, to treat it we apply electrotherapy and ultrasound among others. Our physiotherapists will perform a deep transverse massage following the electrotherapy. With our treatments and care tendinitis will improve.

6. Knee Pain

It may be due to a variety of causes, such as muscle pain or pain in the kneecap (chondromalacia patella). The location and intensity of knee pain may vary depending on the cause. With massages in the area, electrotherapy and infrared, the injury will improve in a few sessions. Physical therapy plays a fundamental role in the recovery of the knee.

7. Hip Pain

Pain in the hip may be due to bursitis or poor movement of the hip. You may not feel pain from the hip directly over that area, you may feel it in the groin, thigh or even knee. We will apply our methods of ultrasound, infrared and electrotherapy, accompanied by therapeutic massage.

8. Pain behind the Leg (Sciatica)

It is very common in patients and it hurts a lot. We will apply the first electrotherapy to calm the pain: TENS, Ultrasound and Infrared. After that, we will give you a therapeutic massage on the whole back of the legs, to calm the pain more. And finally we will have exercises of Neurodinamia (passive mobilizations) to calm this nerve.

Discover our physiotherapy clinics.

Hospitals with Physiotherapy Service

Hospital Quirón Marbella

Hospital Quirón has a service specialized in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Vithas Xanit International Hospital

At the Vithas Xanit International Hospital in Benalmádena you can count on rehabilitation treatments and physiotherapy.

Carolina Medical Center

The Carolina Medical Center is located in Poland and has treatments for rehabilitation through physical therapy.

Hospital La Católica

In the Hospital La Católica from Costa Rica we find physiotherapy services.

Physiotherapy Clinic Guerrerophysio

Physiotherapy Clinic GuerreroPhysio in Marbella specialized in physiotherapy, specifically for sports pathologies and disorders of the locomotive system.

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