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Human beings have always been looking for a youth elixir that would magically give them youth forever, but unfortunately they haven't found it yet. Although at GeneralSurgery we have specialists in anti-aging medicine, with which you could live better. The main objective of this medicine is to achieve a perfect balance that allows the organism to face different situations without taking a toll on our body by delaying biological aging as much as possible.

Everything ages in different ways, so there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. Each patient is treated individually. But what does anti-aging medicine consist of? Here is a list of the components of this treatment:

  • Complete physical and biochemical evaluation.
  • Personalized detoxification program.
  • Nutrition therapy (diet and supplementation program).
  • Exercise therapy (exercise / exercise program)
  • Hormone supplementation (deficient hormone supplementation when necessary. Dose determined on the basis of the complete individual hormone profile of the laboratory test and continuous monitoring of the hormone profile.
  • Aesthetic medicine (skin care and body treatment)
  • Relaxation program (mind-body medicine and Spa)
  • Lifestyle Coaching (health education)
  • Follow-up and continuous support.
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