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At GeneralSurgery we have an extensive list of medical specialties for our users. We offer numerous medical treatments to try to cover all the needs of our patients. The medical services or treatments offered by GeneralSurgery are located in some of the best countries in terms of health quality and cultural richness.

We currently offer a list of medical specialties in hospitals in Spain, hospitals in Poland and hospitals in Costa Rica. All these hospitals are specialized in different types of treatments and general surgeries. The hospitals are formed by specialized medical professionals and are located in some of the most well known and beautiful cities such as: Marbella, Warsaw, Benalmadena and San José.

Below you can see the different medical specialties we have and information about each of them. In addition we have a simple form of free consultations to be able to make us any doubt or consults.

At GeneralSurgery we take care of everything, from the appointment and the respective steps with the medical specialist, to transfers, accommodation and cultural and leisure activities. Thank you for trusting GeneralSurgery.

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