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Dentistry is another of the services offered by GeneralSurgery. General dentistry is that specialty that is responsible for solving those primary problems related to the mouth and teeth.

We have dental treatments performed by professionals in the profession. Within our dental service we have treatments such as dental implants, orthodontics, endodontics, fillings and removal of amalgams.

Healthy mouth

The hospitals or dental centers chosen for this specialty have experience in the world of diagnosis and treatment of those problems in teeth, gums, jaws ...

Oral health is one of the fundamental pillars. That is why check-ups and treatments should be followed as the experts say in order to maintain good oral hygiene.

Hospitals with Dental Treatments or Odontology

Hospital Quirón Marbella

Hospital Quirón Marbella has an expert dental service.

Hospital Vithas Xanit International

At the Vithas Xanit International Benalmádena Hospital, you will find a team of professionals related to dentistry.

Clínica Cuevas Queipo

As a clinic specializing in dentistry, Cuevas Queipo are experts in dental treatments.

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