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Carolina Medical Center

The Carolina Medical Center, part of the LUX MED group, is the leading provider of medical care in Poland. It is one of the largest commercial orthopaedic clinics in Europe. We offer the gold standard of medical care due to advanced technology, comfortable treatment facility, but above all, due to the hard work of dedicated and highly qualified staff.

Leading Medical Center in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Constant cooperation among specialists in various fields: orthopedics, rheumatology, neurosurgery, imaging and physical therapy is the nucleus of work at Carolina Medical Center. Regular consultations among our staff members are aimed at establishing the best possible course of treatment that, in turn, ensures the rapid recovery of our patients. The holistic approach to treatment distinguishes Carolina Medical Center from most other clinics, hospitals, and medical centers.

As part of the LUX MED Group, the main medical partner of the Polish National Olympic Committee, the Carolina Medical Center provides medical care to the best Polish athletes. We also provide specialized medical care for members of the National Ballet and members of national teams competing in various sporting disciplines. The Clinic, as one of only two medical facilities worldwide, is certified by FIFA as the FIFA Medical Excellence Clinic.

Here at Carolina Medical Center we help people of all ages, especially those who lead active lives. By applying the newest medical procedures, we allow our patients to quickly recover from their injuries and return to their sporting passions. Such treatment is essential not only for professional athletes, but for all those for whom physical activity is an important part of their daily lives.

The languages spoken are Polish, English, German, French and Russian. If you prefer to communicate in another language, inform the coordinator at the Carolina Medical Center before coming to the clinic, we can arrange an interpreter for you. The principles here are to respect the religious habits and needs of all patients. We will ensure foods that comply with both your habits resulting from tradition or religion, as well as limitations due to allergies or dietary supplements used. Please send your dietary requirements to the Carolina Medical Center coordinator prior to your arrival.

International Patients

During your stay at Carolina Medical Center, we will provide you with the highest level of medical services respecting your dignity; we will show you complete understanding and empathy. This will be assured not only by our team of physicians, but also by other health professionals and administrative personnel. It is the perfect solution for those who need to do health or sanitary tourism.

During your stay, the following will be arranged:

- Assistance from the coordinator who will schedule all your medical consultations, medical treatment, examinations, rehabilitation sessions, access to newspapers or literature in your language, access to Internet and foreign TV programs, current information about the nature and cost of your treatment.

- After completing your treatment at Carolina Medical Center, you will receive: medical documentation collected during treatment, instructions and recommendations from the physician and physical therapist on how to proceed after you return home, list of necessary medications and instructions from the physician on how to take your medications, your doctor's contact information complete documentation and information on costs and bills for medical services received, as well as other services related to your stay in Warsaw.



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