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Dr. Alberto Cuevas Millán


Specialist in Dentistry  

Academic Formation

In the 80's Dr. Alberto Cuevas Millán completed two doctorates, one at the University of Málaga (1985) and two years later in the Dominican Republic at the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE). The following year he would do a master's degree in cosmetic dentistry in the United States and at the end of that decade he returned to the capital of Spain to complete a master's degree in orthodontics.

In 1991 he continued doing a postgraduate in Liverpool in dental prosthesis and in 1994 he did a master in maxillofacial orthodontics in Madrid. At the end of the 90's he was a dentist of the Andalusian Health Service (1988 and 1998). In 2002 he completed a master's degree in oral surgery and implantology at the International University of Catalonia.

From 1998 to 2006 he was professor of master in implantology and periodontics and currently (since 1999) he is professor - tutor of training practices for IES santa barbara dental hygienists.

Medical Experience

  • Member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Granada.
  • Ciudad de Málaga" Research Prize from the Faculty of Dentistry of Málaga, 2007 and 2009.
  • Award to the best scientific article 2010 of the College of Physicians of Malaga.
  • Visiting Professor of Master in Oral Surgery, Implantology and Periodontics at the University of Malaga.
  • San Telmo International Institute. AD1 2010-11
  • Dental Trainer CAD-CAM systems (England, Germany, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Spain) .1991-2013
  • Visiting Professor of Postgraduate in Aesthetic Dentistry at the University of Seville
  • Visiting Professor of the Master in Oral Surgery, Implantology and Periodontics at the University of Malaga (2010-2011-2012)
  • Master of Business Administration AD1, San Telmo International Institute. 2010-11
  • Visiting Professor at IESO (Madrid, 2012)
  • Medal of Collegiate Merit awarded by the Illustrious Official College of Dentists and Stomatologists (Malaga, Illustrious Official College
  • of Orthodontics and Stomatology). 2013
  • Member of specialized societies: SEDO, SEPA, IRCOI, EUCID, SEI, SOCE, AIPS, ISCD, SEDMOS ...
  • Former member of the Board of Governors of the College of Dentists and Stomatologists of Malaga.
  • Multiple publications in medical and dental journals and white papers for specialized medical conferences.
  • President of the Spanish Society of Computerized Restorative Dentistry (SEORI) and of the Spanish subsidiary of the International
  • Society of Computerized Dentistry (ISCD) between 1991 and 2006.

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